Pre-Construction Design

Our number one goal in conducting a pre-construction security design is to protect our clients’ life and property. Prior to construction, aesthetically, you have a wonderfully designed structure, but you overlooked one important element.

At Key Security Solutions, our staff will ensure that your pre-construction security needs are adequately met.

If you are in the design stage of building a religious institution, retail establishment, educational institution, gated community, private home, government entity, or private business entity, it is imperative that you “build with security in mind”. Countless dollars will be saved when care is taken to strategically incorporate future security needs into your current building plans.blueprints_sm.jpg

Because every building has its own unique features, we will custom design a state of the art security system that will provide you with a comforting peace of mind.” If visible surveillance is your preference, KSS can accommodate every detail from the smallest to the largest.